Relationship Graphs

An object's relationship graph shows how that object is connected to other objects in your organization through relationships, references, and assessments. To access the relationship graph, click the View Relationship Graph link at the bottom of any object. 

The object the graph is opened from is the root object. To filter which related objects are displayed, select an option from the Related Object Displayed dropdown menu. Options include:

  • All: Displays up to three levels of related objects. This is the default option.
  • 1st Level: Displays only directly related objects.
  • 2nd Level: Displays directly related objects and their related objects.
  • 3rd Level: Displays directly related objects and up to two levels of additional related objects.

Note that some options may not be available in this dropdown menu if additional relationship levels do not exist. A relationship graph showing two levels of related objects.

Clicking an object will open it in a palette to the right of the page. Your role's workflow permissions control which objects appear in the graph and the form that's displayed when an object is clicked and opened. If you're an administrator, you can view a similar graph that shows relationships between object types in your organization. See Object Type Universe for more information.