Resolver Data Warehouse FAQs

General FAQs

Q - Is the Resolver® Data Warehouse connection encrypted when transferring data over a network?

A - The Resolver Data Warehouse connection uses TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Q - What version of TLS does the connection use to transmit data?

A - TLS 1.2 is the minimum requirement for transmitting data over the network.

Q - Does Resolver utilize an IP Allow List when connecting a BI tool to the Data Warehouse?

A - Resolver has an optional IP Authorization feature that verifies users logging into the Resolver Data Warehouse against an IP Allow List to ensure the IP Address is valid. The IP Authorization feature must be enabled on the Org by the Support Team to use this feature. Otherwise, connections bypass the IP Allow List.

Q - Is there a list of potential IP Addresses you can provide that are used to connect BI Tools to the Data Warehouse?

A - A list of Data Warehouse IP Addresses is available upon request.

Q - Are there required domains or connections that should be added to our company’s allow list (DNS Filtering) to connect to the Resolver Warehouse?

A - Ensure outbound connections are enabled on TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Port 5432. You must also add the Resolver Data Warehouse Domain URL to your company’s allowed list (DNS Filtering). You can find your company’s Resolver Data Warehouse Domain URL on the Edit Users screen within Resolver. 

You will need to use a user login that has Administrator permissions.

  1. From the Resolver Home screen, click the Admin icon.
  2. From the Admin Overview screen, click the Users tile under the People section.
  3. From the Edit User screen, your company’s Resolver Data Warehouse Domain URL will be on the Domain URL field under the Data Warehouse Settings sections.

Domain URL Field

Q - Can the Resolver Data Warehouse Connector pull data from the Resolver Data Warehouse and transfer it into our company’s Data Warehouse?

A - The Resolver Data Warehouse Connector provides PostgreSQL® (a Relational Database Management System that is reliable, flexible, and supports open technical standards) to transmit data from the Resolver Data Warehouse to a third-party data warehouse. Third-party tools required for the data transfer are not included, and a company will need internal expertise to perform the data sync.

Q - What version of PostgreSQL does Resolver Data Warehouse use?

A - Resolver Data Warehouse is currently using PostgreSQL 12.11.