Version 3.6 Release Notes (Incident Management)

Note: New release features are not added to your app version by default. To enable a particular one within your org, please contact your CSM for more information.

New Features

Opened up New Hotline Submission Functionality

  • Core can now receive and process anonymous incident reports via a phone hotline. Callers are connected with a Whistleblower Security (Hotline Partner) agent, who records their statements in a new intake form to create a new triage flow in the incident management app.
  • Hotline submissions create a more accessible reporting channel, as the trained agent will coach the caller through the intake form, providing corporate security and case investigation teams with better quality incident reports.

Added Email Ingestion for Incident Objects

  • The Incident Management (IM) app base has been updated to support email incident submissions via a system-generated email address, which corporate security and case investigation teams may alias to an internal email address to be more unique and memorable (e.g.,

  • However, that new email address will still allow users to link a particular email incident submission via the system-generated address. For example, if a Store Manager wants to report an incident to their corporate office, they can email and it generates a new incident object in the app, populated with the email meta-data (i.e., subject, from, to, date) and its body text. Upon receiving an incident report email, Core notifies the designated group, who can then either link that report to an existing case or create a new one based on it.

  • Email data collection reduces the chance of blind spots and other information gaps. It also strengthens relationships between security teams, breaking down reporting channel silos and increasing their shared ability to control risks.

End of Internet Explorer Support

  • Beginning in 2022, Core will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend that you switch to another supported browser. Read more here about Internet Explorer becoming an End of Life (EOL) software.