Vendor Risk Management Overview

Resolver's Vendor Risk Management app grants the organization oversight into any of its business service or application vendors. This enables the organization to achieve its business objectives through vendor engagement and to better understand any risks or potential exposures attached to a particular vendor.

The app incorporates third-party diligence standards or questionnaires while streamlining and standardizing the assessment of multiple vendors. This allows for robust vendor monitoring and effective due diligence to mitigate potential vendor-sourced risks. In addition to performing assessments, the organization's vendor team can leverage the app to manage tasks such as addressing vendor requests, assigning vendors, and tracking assessment-based actions and remediations as required.

This app compliments our complete Integrated Risk Management suite of programs by offering an avenue to better understand a potentially significant source of risk to the organization. While the app is a strong companion to the other apps in the suite, it can act as a standalone solution if required.

A pending vendor request.