Create an Import Template

To complete a data import, you must first generate an import template. This template is a spreadsheet generated through the Data Import settings and contains separate worksheet tabs for each object type and relationship added to the template, along with columns for each supported component. Administrators then enter data in the appropriate tabs and upload the spreadsheet back into Core. 

Columns for the Location property are not automatically generated in the template. To successfully import location data, these columns must be added manually. See the Import Location Data article for more information.

A relationship worksheet in the template.

To generate an import template:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar  > Data Import in the Tools section.
  2. Scroll down to the Export Data Import Template section. This section displays all the object types and relationships in your organization. Relationships are displayed immediately below their related object type.
  3. Click to select the object types and relationships you wish to add to the template or click Select All Object Types to add all object types and relationships. To remove an object type or relationship from the template, click it again to deselect it.
  4. Click Export to begin downloading the template. If you selected a large number of object types and relationships, there may be a delay before the download begins.
    Clicking Export will start the template download. The Export button will be grayed out if no object types or relationships are selected.
  5. Once downloaded, click the file at the bottom of your browser to open it. By default, the file's title is your organization's name and the date the template was generated.
  6. Enter the data you wish to import. You can create new objects or edit existing objects on an object type worksheet or map two objects together on a relationship worksheet.
  7. Upload the spreadsheet to complete the import.