Version 23.3ab Release Notes (Incident Management)


  • An Administrator can archive Person records on the following Forms:
    • Person – CC – Edit
    • Person – IRM – Edit
  • We have updated the Incident – IM – 2 – Employee Submission form:
    • New Fields: Added the Type of Observation, Injury Type, and Type of Security Concern fields.
    • Removed: We removed the Save as Draft button.
    • Edited: The Observation Type field and adjusted the form and conditional fields based on the Observation Type field.
  • After a User creates an Incident, the IM – 6 form will open instead of the IM – 5 form. The IM  – 5 form was removed from the system.
  • The Organization – IM – Edit form was modified according to the new design practices.
  • We updated the Review Required trigger on the Under Investigation state on the Incident Workflow, changing it from REVIEWREQUIRED == 1 to REVIEW REQUIRED >=.
  • We removed the Close Date Trigger on the Open state on the Incident Workflow.