Alarms Overview

If your version of Dispatch is integrated with Connect, dispatches created from events in Connect will display device and event data in the Alarms section of the Dispatch Details panel. 

The columns in this section include:

  • Device Name: The name of the device as it’s saved in Connect. Devices are the security equipment registered in Connect and the connector source system.
  • Device Type: Device types include Access Control (refers to security measures such as alarms or locked doors, that control who can access certain areas in your organization) and Camera (security cameras or other video devices).
  • Connector Alias: The name of the connector as it’s saved in Connect. Connectors can include C-Cure and Lenel systems.
  • Triggered Time: The time the event was logged in Connect.
  • Location: The Dispatch location or indoor location where the event occurred and where the device is mapped.
This section of the Details panel is not available if it hasn’t been configured in your version of Dispatch.

If Connect is configured to send alarms to Dispatch to be handled by a dispatcher, it’ll appear in the Dispatches panel, where additional actions can be performed.The Alarms section of the Dispatch Details panel, displaying additional information about the device and event that triggered a dispatch.