User Groups

User groups control the data users can access and how they can interact with it. The following is a list of the standard user groups available in Command Center. Note that users can belong to more than one user group.

  • Command Center Administrator: Users in this group can create, view, and edit library and activity and activity-related objects, view reports, create new user accounts in the app and Dispatch application, and add users to user groups.

  • Activity Owner: Users in this group can create new activities and view and edit existing activities and their related objects. These users can also create tasks, create and manage service requests, and view reports.

  • Officer: Users in this limited group can perform many of the same actions that users in the Activity Owner user group can, including creating, viewing, and editing activities; escalating activities to incidents; and creating tasks.

  • Dispatch User: Users in this group can launch Dispatch from Command Center.

  • Command Center Portal: Users in this group can access the Command Center portal to create new activities. If an activity owner requires follow-up on an activity or assigns a portal user to a task, the portal can user view and edit the related task and activity objects.