Logging into Dispatch


Logging into Dispatch is done through Resolver®Resolver will email you the URL and login credentials required to log in.

If the Command Center option in the Home drop-down menu or the Launch Dispatch tab on the Command Center screen is not visible, send a request to your system administrator to add your user to the correct user group.

Related Information/Setup

If this is your first time logging in, please refer to the Logging into Resolver article for further information.

If you're using Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication to log in, see the Single Sign-On (SSO) overview article for more details.

Logging into Dispatch

  1. From the Resolver Home screen, click the Home drop-down menu and select the Command Center link.

Home Drop-Down Command Center Link

  1. From the Command Center screen, click the Launch Dispatch link.

Launch Dispatch Link