Messages Panel

The Messages panel contains all of your open conversations. When a dispatch is created, a conversation will automatically appear in this panel, labelled with the dispatch number. Dispatchers and any officers assigned to tasks on the dispatch are automatically brought into the dispatch-related conversations. If you were not automatically added to a conversation and you would like to join, select the dispatch in the Dispatches panel, then click Comment. Conversations that are not related to a dispatch (personal conversations) may also be created in this panel.

If your officers are using Officer Mobile and are not actively working in the app, they will receive a push notification on their devices when they receive a new message or invitation to join a conversation. 

To open Messages in a floating panel, click  Messages in the ribbon.The Messages panel.

You can also perform additional tasks by clicking the icons that appear throughout the panel. These icons include:  

 Icon Function


Invites another user to an existing conversation. This icon appears when an existing conversation is selected in the panel.

Removes you from a conversation and deletes the conversation from the panel. This icon appears when a conversation is selected in the panel.

Creates a personal conversation (a conversation that hasn’t been automatically created with a dispatch).

When auto-focus is enabled in this panel, a conversation will automatically be highlighted when the associated dispatch is selected in the Dispatches or Map panel. This icon appears greyed out when auto-focus is disabled. 

Allows you to choose if the panel is floating, dockable, or hidden. Selecting Auto Hide will hide the panel until your cursor hovers over a newly created tab at the left of the window. This icon appears at the top right of the panel. 

Closes the panel.