Learn about what assessments are and how to create, edit, and delete new assessments, as well create assessment objects.

Assessments Overview

Learn about what assessments are and how to use them in Resolver Core.

Focus, Data Definition & Dimensions

About the focus object type, data definitions, and dimensions in the assessments feature of Core.

Assessment Reference Data

Information about assessment reference data and how to enable it in the settings.

Create a New Assessment Type

Instructions on creating a new assessment in Resolver Core.

Assessment Instances Overview

About instances and reference data when working with assessments in Resolver Core.

Edit or Delete an Assessment Type

Information and instructions on editing or deleting an assessment in Resolver Core.

Delete a Launched Assessment Type

How to delete an assessment type and all its objects and instances from the Edit Assessment settings in Resolver Core.

Delete a Launched Assessment Object

Instructions for administrators on deleting an assessment object and its instances in Resolver Core.

Configure an Assessment

About assessment configurations, include workflows, how and why they're used.

Scope & Launch an Assessment

An overview of the assessment scoping tool, the steps administrators must take before an assessment can be launched, and instructions for end users who will be launching an assessment.