Instructions on creating or editing a report and adding and configuring charts, tables, heat maps, and repeatable form elements.

Reports Overview

A summary of reports in Data Visualizations. Reports display object data through charts, tables, heat maps, and repeatable forms.

Loading & Caching Report Data

About how reports are cached and loaded in Resolver Core, including information about banners, refreshing a report, and how long a report is cached.

Create a New Report

Instructions on creating a new report in Resolver Core. Once a report is created, you can add a pie chart, table, heat map, or repeatable form.

Report Elements

Instructions on adding elements to a report data visualizations. Elements include pie and bar charts, tables, heat maps, and repeatable forms.

Add Data Visualization Filters to a Report

Add filters to a report in Resolver Core to allow users to filter which information is displayed on a pie chart, table, or heat map.

Add Parameters to a Report

Instructions on adding parameters to a report in Resolver Core, which allows administrators to filter which data is shown in a report and all its elements.

Point in Time Reporting

Instructions and important notes on enabling the Point in Time Reporting feature and viewing historical data as an end-user.

PDF Output Options (Report Logo & Header)

Info about the header options available on reports when exported to PDF format.

View a Report

How to access and view a report, as well as apply filters, click data to open objects, sort, search, and more.

Export a Report

Information and instructions on exporting your to PDFs, Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets.

Edit or Delete a Report

Instructions on editing or deleting an existing report in Resolver Core.

Configure Export Attachments

How to configure a report's export attachments.