Add Data to a Previously Launched Assessment

The Open Assessment Rescoping form action provides access to the scoping tool where users can review, filter, and add objects to an already launched assessment, at any time, without interrupting the current workflow of that assessment.  This includes Link to Existing assessment objects as well as creating new assessment objects.

Open Assessment Rescoping uses the same process when initially creating and scoping an assessment.

Any object already scoped to the assessment will display the word ADDED and can’t be added or removed using the Assessment Rescoping action.  

When reviewing objects for rescoping, in the Review Your Scope screen, child objects can be viewed and selected to be added to the launched assessment. 

Assessment objects that were unlinked from a launched assessment can be linked back to the launched assessment using a Relationship table.  When configuring a relationship on a form, Enable Search and optionally Enable Advanced, are to be configured to display the ADD EXISTING option on a form.  Add existing will then allow a user to search for library and assessment objects to link to the Assessment, based on that user's permissions. 

For more information on Assessment Data, see the Assessment Data Reference Data article.