Create an Incident Task

Incident tasks are actions attached to an incident that must be completed before the incident can be closed. Incident tasks will send an email notification to the incident owner when: 

  • The task is created; and

  • When the task is not completed by the due date. This notification will be sent the day after the due date, and will continue to send daily until the task is completed.

To create a task on an incident:

  1. Log into a user account that's been added to the Incident Owner or Incident Investigator user group.

  2. Click the dropdown in the nav bar Incident Management to display the Incidents activity. The nav bar.
  3. Click an incident to open the Incident Review form.The Incidents activity in Incident Management.
  4. Click the  icon below Tasks & Action Plan to display the Incident Tasks section.The Incident Tasks section.
  5. Click the + icon at the bottom-right of the section to open the Create a New Task palette.The Create a New Task palette.
  6. Enter a name for the task in the Task Name field. 
  7. Click the Task Type select list to select the task type. 
  8. Optional: Click Express to quickly create the task. The task will be automatically assigned to you and the due date will be set to today. If you use this option, skip to step 14.
  9. Optional: Click Task Assigned to to add a task owner other than the incident owner.
  10. Select the task's priority from the Priority field.
  11. Click the Due Date field to select the date the task should be completed by.  
  12. Optional: Select Yes or No below the Requires Attachment field to indicate if attachments are mandatory for this task's completion.
  13. Click Create. The incident owner will receive an email notification for this task. If the task is for someone other than the incident owner, it can be reassigned after it's created. A task in the Task & Action Plan section.
  14. Click the task in the Tasks & Action Plan section of the Incident Review form to open the Task Review palette. From here, you can add a task response, assign a new task owner, include attachments, mark the task as complete, or add comments, if needed. See View & Manage Incident Tasks for more information.