Personalized Data Visualizations

Both administrators and end users can create a more personalized experience in their organization using one or more of the following report or data grid features:

  • Role Filters: End users can filter the data in a report by user group and/or specific users within a role that was previously selected by an administrator. This allows end users to focus on data that's relevant to them.
  • Date or Role Parameters: Administrators can apply parameters at the report or data grid level to only show data from a specific date range or to users in a specific role.
  • Table/Repeatable Forms/Data Grid Parameters: Administrators can apply date, role, field, formula, and state parameters to tables, repeatable forms, and data grids to control which data is displayed.
  • Starred Reports: End users can star a report so that it appears as a tab in the nav bar when working in the Home area of their organization. Starred reports can also be flagged as the user's landing page so that it's displayed on login, after clicking the company logo in the top-left of the page, or selecting Home from the nav bar dropdown menu.

For information on these features, see the following articles: