Edit or Delete a Form Section

To edit or delete a form section:

  1. If needed, click Administration > Configurable Forms to open an existing form.
  2. To reposition a section on the form canvas, click the  icon in the top-right corner of the section, then drag and drop it to a different area on the canvas.
  3. Click the  icon at the top-right corner of the section to display the Edit Form Section screen. 
    The Edit Form Section screen.
  4. Make changes to the settings as needed. See the Add a New Section to a Form for information on enabling tabbed or collapsible sections and Control Section Visibility for information on creating rules.
  5. If the section is empty (it does not contain any elements), click the  icon, then Yes to confirm. If the section contains elements:
    1. Click Done to return to the form canvas.
    2. Hover your cursor over each element in the section, then click the  icon to remove the element from the section.
      Removing an element from a section.
    3. Click Yes to confirm.
    4. Continue removing elements from the section as needed.
    5. Click the  icon at the top-right corner of the section to return to the Edit Form Section screen. 
    6. Click the  icon, then Yes to confirm.