Edit or Delete a Form Section

To edit or delete a form section:

  1. In the Views>Configurable Forms top bar section, select the relevant form.
  2. To reposition a section on a form card, click the  icon in the top-right corner of the section, then drag and drop it to a different area on the canvas.
  3. Click the  icon at the section’s top-right corner to Edit Form Section
    The Edit Form Section screen.
  4. Modify the section settings as needed.
  5. Optional: If the section is empty (i.e., it contains no elements), click the  icon, then Yes to confirm. 
  6. Optional: If the section contains elements:
    1. Click Done to return to the form canvas.
    2. Hover your cursor over each element in the section, then click the  icon to remove them as needed.Removing an element from a section.
    3. Click Yes to confirm.
    4. Continue removing elements from the section as needed.
    5. Click the  icon at the top-right corner of the section to return to the Edit Form Section screen. 
    6. Click the  icon, then Yes to confirm.