Welcome to Officer Mobile, a mobile application created specifically for officers. This app is designed to complement Dispatch, a desktop application that helps dispatchers manage activities. Through Officer Mobile, you can view your tasks, update your status, upload images, record organization and person involvements, send and receive instant messages, as well as review the details of a dispatch. This guide is for users operating the Officer Mobile app on their mobile device only. If you’re operating the full Dispatch client, see the Dispatch User's Guide.

Depending on the device you're using, your user interface may differ slightly from the UI in the screenshots in this guide.

Command Center

Resolver's Command Center allows your organization to efficiently organize dispatches, activities, security personnel, requests, and responses. Depending on your organization's specific implementation, Command Center is comprised of some or all of the following modules that work in conjunction with Officer Mobile:

  • The Command Center app: The central repository for activities and library objects. Activities are created from closed dispatches or in the app by activity owners or portal users, where tasks can be assigned and completed, information can be added and reviewed, and reports can be created and shared with others in your organization.
  • Dispatch: The application through which new dispatches are created and managed. Dispatchers can complete important tasks such as managing teams, sending officers to the scene, and reviewing SOPs. When an officer is assigned to a dispatch through this application, they can create, view, and manage their dispatches and tasks through the app. Likewise, any changes made through Officer Mobile appear in Dispatch. When a dispatch is closed, it's sent to the Command Center app as an activity. 
  • Connect: An application that pulls event and device data from security systems (Lenel OnGuard and C-Cure 9000) to send to Dispatch. Administrators can specify what happens when an event occurs on the system, including creating an alarm notification, acknowledging or closing the event in the source system, or creating a new dispatch. This application is an optional module.
  • Incident Management: If an activity is escalated to an incident, it's triaged and screened through the Incident Management app where it's further reviewed, analyzed, and can be flagged for an investigation. This app is an optional module.