Regulatory Compliance Framework Overview

RCM is an additional module that can be purchased for your Compliance Management app. RCM provides Regulatory Compliance Management frameworks that can help your organization maintain compliance with the standards and regulations that govern Canadian financial institutions. Resolver does not currently offer compliance management frameworks for other industries or jurisdictions. 

For more information which frameworks are available within this module, see the RCM Framework Subscriptions article.

RCM frameworks are available only if your organization has purchased the RCM module for use with the app. If you have not purchased this module, your organization is responsible for creating and importing its frameworks. Contact Resolver Support for more information.


Resolver will provide alerts as early as possible once there has been public notice of a change or potential change to the regulatory requirements addressed by our content. Alerts can be triggered by legislation, regulations, and regulatory guidance. They can be accessed by the compliance team in the Portal application.The Regulatory Alerts in Progress section.

An overview of all non-archived alerts can be viewed in the Alert Catalogue report from the Portal application. Alerts will be broken down by their status and their type.The Alerts Catalogue.

To learn more about alerts, download the Regulatory Content Management Support fact sheet