Version 23.2 Release Notes (Dispatch)


IP Whitelisting: With the 23.2 release, the website that hosts the Dispatch client has changed to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for improved availability and performance. As a result of this change, the Dispatch client website no longer uses static IP addresses. If your company previously whitelisted the Dispatch client website via IP address, you must update your firewall to continue downloading and using Dispatch. You may have to whitelist the domain name rather than the IP address. Please contact your IT department responsible for managing your network whitelisting to check if changes are required. Please contact Support if further assistance is required.

Officer Mobile: Based on the architectural changes mentioned above, earlier versions of Officer Mobile will no longer be compatible after this release. With this Core Dispatch release, we are releasing a new version of Officer Mobile that must be downloaded on/after November 7th, to ensure the Officer Mobile application continues to operate.

New Features


  • Improved the dispatch service by replacing middleware with a direct integration and implemented a streamlined architecture, enhancing stability and improving response times.
  • Updated the Delete button on Person log to be visibly darker in color when highlighted on the dispatch details screen, increasing visibility and improved user experience.
  • The Initiated By Person field's search functionality was changed to search for Person records instead of User records. Searching the Core database for Person records allows users to add those records to the Initiated By Person field while creating a new Dispatch.
  • Object Types without the Available in Dispatch field in Core will be set to True, preventing integration issues and allowing an easy sync of data between Core and Dispatch.

Officer Mobile

  • Push Notifications were updated to the latest version, improving reliability.
  • We streamlined the Officer Mobile login process using Resolver credentials (username and password) or the SSO (Single Sign On) feature, depending on your organization's configuration setting.
  • Officers will receive a system-generated notification when another Officer assigns a new task.
  • Resolver Officer Mobile icons: Application, Notification, and Login screen were updated.
  • Officer Mobile APIs were updated to the latest version.

Bug Fixes


  • Activity Types will sync correctly when the Available for Display flag is triggered.
  • An issue with periodic updates to Activity Type Call Categories during integration was addressed.
  • A Location Floor Plan thumbnail will be displayed when a floor plan is updated to dispatch. Users can also click the thumbnail to access the floor plan.
  • Teams can be assigned to multiple work zones, including newly created work zones.
  • Closing a dispatch record with a service request linked to an organization with images was addressed.
  • Quick Add will import all person record fields.
  • An issue with a new location not syncing with dispatch was resolved.
  • Person records with attached images are included in the search results when users search for person records.
  • Dispatch records with tasks assigned to an officer with no person record can be closed.
  • An issue preventing attachments from syncing to an activity record was addressed.
  • An issue preventing a location with no geo-coordinates from syncing was resolved.
  • The color on the panic alert success system message was fixed when generated through the dispatch client.
  • Officer History time fields (e.g., On Duty, Off Duty, Start Time, etc.) will be populated automatically.
  • An issue with setting an officer's location after the officer is set to On Duty was addressed.
  • A user can edit an officer's information after being set to Off Duty.
  • Users will no longer receive the Externally Deleted error message when changing a location's default operational zone if the operational zone already exists in dispatch.
  • After assigning organizational tasks to an organization, dispatch client is accessible, and users can navigate through organization task states.
  • A location syncing issue was addressed.
  • Configuring Everbridge® allows users to create empty SOP notifications.
  • SOP call categories can be selected on any level and will no longer display the required field indicator.
  • SOP notifications, links, and checklist items can be removed.
  • Location values and properties can be edited while geo-coordinates are shared with a different location.
  • An issue involving the Bring On Duty button was resolved.
  • An integration issue with clearing officer task was addressed.
  • Fixed an issue with activity types not syncing to call categories.
  • Webhook payloads will synchronize all records added to Dispatch when using the Core import feature.
  • A bug that did not allow location and Person records to be deleted when syncing data from Core to Dispatch was fixed.
  • A bug in the Dispatch panel that resulted in displaying an error after using the command line to assign an officer to a Dispatch task was fixed.
  • A bug preventing a user from being deleted from the user list when other users were supposed to be marked for deletion in the Dispatch database was resolved.
  • We fixed an issue with the wrong user being deleted from Dispatch when an officer is removed from the Dispatch user group.
  • We fixed an issue with webhooks being unable to sync persons with date of birth to the Dispatch database.
  • We fixed an issue with webhooks failing a Persons object, resulting in truncating values from Core that were too large to fit into the Dispatch fields.

Officer Mobile

  • We enhanced and fixed the following elements while using dark mode on iOS:
    • Text visibility on the Officer Text View
    • Inconsistencies with the Panic Alert screen
    • Task List appearing empty
  • We resolved a login issue resulting in the inability to set an Officer on duty on both Android and iOS devices.
  • We addressed an alignment issue on the On Duty screen to stay consistent with the main screen on Resolver Dispatch.
  • We fixed an issue with Task List and Messages appearing empty for a logged out user after opening the app with a notification.


  • Device mapping was refactored on the Location panel to align with the Connect service.