Add Parameters to a Report

A report parameter controls the data displayed in a report and all its elements. As parameters rely on the data series selected in the element(s), parameters cannot be applied until one or more report elements have been added to the Report Canvas

Only administrators can configure or apply parameters to reports.


To add parameters to a report:

  1. In the Parameters section of the Edit Report page, click Configure Parameters.
    The Parameters section.
  2. Select a data series from the Select Data Series dropdown menu, which will determine which options are available in the remainder of the fields in the palette.  If no options are appearing in this dropdown menu, ensure that at least one report element has been added to the Report Canvas
  3. Choose either the anchor object type (report focus), relationship, or reference from the Select a Relationship dropdown menu.
    Choosing a relationship from the selected data series.
  4. Select one or more roles from the By Role ([Object Type Name]) dropdown menu, if required. Only users in the role(s) selected in this field can view the report and its elements.
    The Configure Parameters palette with a role selected.
  5. Click the By [Date Field] dropdown menu to select a range to filter the data relative to the values selected in the Date & Time field on the objects. Click the By Created On ([Object Type Name]) or By Modified On ([Object Type Name]) dropdown menus to select a range to filter the data relative to the date the objects were created or modified. It's recommended a date parameter is used. Options include:
    • Today: Show data from today's date only. 
    • Last [X] Days: Show data within the last 30, 60, 90, or 180 days, relative to today's date.
    • Custom: Shows data within the dates selected in the From and To fields. The report or data grid will include objects up to the end of that date.  
      A date parameter.
      If a Date & Time field is configured to collect the time and date, it's filtered based on the current user's time zone. Parameters that use data from the Created On and Modified On properties are based on the current user's time zone. See the Time Zone Conversions on Reports article for more information.
  6. To remove the parameter, click the x icon beside the role(s) in the By Role dropdown menu. To remove a date parameter, click the field, then press the Backspace or DELETE key on your keyboard. 
  7. Click the icon in the top-right of the palette when finished.