Standard Form Layouts

Overviews and instructions for configuring form layout options, including headers, cards, and sidebars.


Standard Forms Overview
About the standard form type, where administrators can control which fields and elements are viewed and completed by users in Resolver Core.
Create a New Standard Form
How to create a new standard configurable form in Resolver Core.
Form Layouts Overview
An overview of the form layouts available in Resolver Core, including 1 Column, Left Sidebar, and Right Sidebar.
Configure Form Layout Options
Sidebar card best practices and the process for configuring a form's layout.
Form Headers Overview
An overview of Form Headers and Control Effectiveness.
Configure a Standard Form Header
How to configure a standard form header.
Enable Workflow Control on a Form
How to enable workflow control on a form.
Form Cards Overview
An overview of form cards and form card tabs.
Add a New Card to a Form
How to add a new card to a form and create card-level tabs.