Reports Overview in Incident Management

Incident Management has several reports available for reviewing and analyzing your incident data. Reports can be viewed by incident owners, incident supervisors, and administrators. However, depending on their permissions, users in these groups may be restricted from certain reports.A report in Incident Management.

Overview Video

Watch the video below for an overview of the reports available in this app.

The following reports are available in the Incident Management app:

  • Incident Summary: Charts that display all incidents in your organization, broken down by status, severity, type and duration.

  • Business Unit Overview Report: An overview of the incidents attached to a specific business unit, including how many are currently open, the average value, and the total value.

  • Incident Performance: A visual report that displays incident age and duration.

  • Incident List: A list of all incidents in your organization, including incident name, severity, and location.

  • Involved Persons: Displays all involved people across all incidents in your organization.

  • Task List: Charts and lists of all tasks in your organization, including their type and timeliness.

  • Location Overview Report: A graphical representation of incidents by location.

  • Expired Incident Report: A list of expired Incidents that should be purged by an administrator, and are no longer visible to end users.

  • Market Report: A list of markets and related incidents (when using market-based incident types).

  • Brand Report: A list of Items and related incidents (when using market-based incident types)

  • Region Report: A list of regions and related incidents (when using region-based incident types).

  • Incidents by Time Period: A graphical representation of all incidents broken down by the day of the week and the time of day they were reported on.