Impersonate Another User

With the Impersonation feature, administrators can temporarily assume the account of a non-administrative user to work with objects according to that user’s role and permissions. This feature is useful when administrators need to test the user’s permission levels, or to complete a task for users who may otherwise be unable to do so themselves. Administrators cannot impersonate other administrators.

Impersonation Mode can also be used to identify and fix any standard form conflicts for users in multiple roles. See the Form Conflicts section for more information.

Any changes made while impersonating another user are captured in the Audit Trail.

To impersonate another user:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > Users in the People section.
  2. Click the Impersonate button next to the non-administrative user you wish to impersonate. While in Impersonation Mode, the name of user you're impersonating will appear in a yellow banner at the top of the page.Active Impersonation Mode.
  3. To deactivate Impersonation Mode, click Turn Off Impersonation Mode to the left of the banner.