Add a Create Object Action to a Transition

The Create Object action automatically creates a new relationship or reference object and moves the originating object to the next state once the associated trigger is clicked on a form. When adding the Create Object action to a transition, note that:

  • Only the Button trigger type can be selected with this action.
  • This action cannot be added to a transition on the Creation state.
  • All fields in the new object will be blank, with the exception of Name/Description or plain text field concatenations that may have been configured for the new object. 
  • If the relationship or reference object type has required fields or the user doesn't have the proper permissions to create the object, the transition will fail.
The Create Object action should not be used to create objects in bulk.

To add a Create Object action to a transition:

  1. From the Edit Workflow page, add a button trigger and transition to the appropriate state or click a trigger to open the Edit Trigger palette.
    This action cannot be added to the Creation state.
  2. Click the icon next to the transition.A trigger and transition on the Edit Trigger palette.
  3. Click Add Action in the Actions section. 
  4. Select Create Object from the Type dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a name for the action in the Name field.
  6. Select the object type you wish to create the object for from the Object Type dropdown menu. Object types are identified by their names on the left and relationship or reference name on the right.The Object Type dropdown menu.
  7. Click CreateA new Create Object action.
  8. Ensure the trigger for this action has been added to the appropriate configurable form and the users who will be clicking the trigger have the appropriate workflow permissions. See the State Triggers on Forms and Workflow Permissions articles for more information.