Edit or Delete an Existing User

You can edit a user at any time provided that the user is not currently logged in or on duty. To delete a user from Dispatch, a Command Center administrator must remove them from the Dispatch User user group.

Even if a Command Center administrator does remove a user from the Dispatch User user group, the user will still appear on Dispatch's users screen until all of his or her assigned dispatches and officer activities have been deleted from the Dispatch database.

To edit a user:

  1. Click Settings >  Users.

  2. Click a user from the pane to the left or enter search criteria in the Search field then click to select those results.

  3. Make your changes to any of the fields in the user profile, including the User Access, Accessible Operational Zones, phone number, email address, and Defaults.

  4. To change the Perspective user account the Dispatch profile is associated with, use the User Select field to search for and select an alternate user.

  5. To deactivate the account, click the  icon under Active. Inactive profiles will appear with the  icon.