Downloading a Chart

Our new Dashboard feature is available upon request for the initial launch phase. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to schedule implementation with our Services team.


Downloading feature allows an Administrator to download a Chart as a JPG, PDF, Excel, .csv, or .csv-summary. 

User Account Requirements

The user account you use to log into Resolver must have Administrator permission to use the Dashboard Builder.


  1. From the Home screen, click the System icon.

System Icon

  1. From the Admin Overview screen, click the Dashboard Builder tile under the Advanced Reporting section.

Dashboard Data Sets Tile

  1. From the Dashboard Builder screen, click a Dashboard Name.

Dashboard Name

Downloading a Chart

  1. From the Dashboard screen, click the More Options icon on a Chart View.

More Options Icon

  1. Click the Download option from the More Options dropdown menu.

Download Option

  1. Select a Download option from the pop-up menu, JPG, PDF, Excel, .csv, or .csv-summary. 

Download Options

  1. The .csv-summary includes a summarized version of the Chart, including the Dataset, Chart Name, Filters, etc.