Introduction Overview
An overview of the Resolver Core system and what it can do for your organization when collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data.
Who Should Use This Guide
An overview of who should use the Resolver Core Administrator's Guide.
Important Notes About This Guide
Important information about the Resolver Core administrator's guide.
How to Navigate the Knowledge Base
The Resolver Knowledge Base is your hub for app guides, troubleshooting, information on the Project Success Center, and more. This article will help familiarize you with these resources, but if you need any extra help, feel free to contact us ! ...
Glossary of Terms - Core Admin
A glossary of important terms and phrases in Resolver Core.
Non-Technical Terms
SOW - Non Technical Terms
Project Roles
SOW - Project Roles SOW - Resolver Project Roles SOW - Customer Project Roles
System Requirements
The minimum system requirements for Resolver Core and its apps.
Required Domains and Ports for Resolver Functionality and Network Access
Details for IT teams about required domains for Resolver to work properly and be accessible on your organization's network.
 The Resolver Idea Portal
Submit your ideas on product enhancements and vote on other customers' ideas through the Resolver Idea Portal.
Notes, Tips & Warnings
Understand the call out icons in our Knowledge Base.
Data Region
How to review the geographical region where your organization's data is stored in Resolver Core.
My Tasks
An introduction to the My Tasks tab in the nav bar of Resolver Core, which displays objects that have been assigned to the current user.
Quick Add
An introduction to the Quick Add feature for creating new objects on the fly.