Create a New State

States represent the various stages of the data collection and review process (e.g. Create, Triage, Review, Investigate, Close, etc.). States allow you to narrow down your search results, control where an object is created or viewed in an application, which fields must be completed during certain stages, and which state the object will transition to by adding triggers to the state. When a new object type is created, a default workflow state is created with it (which includes the Creation, Draft, Active, and Archived states). These states can be deleted or supplemented with additional states as needed (except for the Creation state, which cannot be deleted and allows for only limited configuration).

Once created, the new state will appear in the workflow, which you can then select when creating new transitions on other states. You can also select states to create Relationship or Reference variables in formulas or workflow conditions, which can provide a count of the objects currently in the specified state or check if some or all of the objects are in that state and return a true or false result. You can select states from the object type's workflow or any assessment workflows related to the object type.

To mark certain fields, properties, or roles as required when the object is in a particular state, or to change the state’s name or color, see Edit or Delete a State. To add triggers, transitions, or actions to your new state, see Add a Trigger & Transition to a State

To create a new state:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > Object Types in the Data Model section.
  2. Click the object type or enter the name of the object type in the Search field, then click it to display the Edit Object Type page.
  3. Click Configure Workflow on the Edit Object Type page. If there are multiple workflows saved to the object type, click one in the list.
  4. Click Add State.
  5. Enter the state name in the Name field.
  6. Click the Color dropdown menu to reveal the color picker and select a new color for the label. You can also type a hex color into this field to select a color.
  7. Select a state category from the State Category dropdown menu to classify the new state.
    Though the State Category field is required, full functionality of this feature will be available in an upcoming release.
  8. Click Create. Creating a new state. A new state. New states don't have any triggers or transitions saved to them, but new states can be selected on transitions on other states.

After clicking Create, your new state will appear in the workflow, below existing states. You can select this state when creating new transitions on other states. To add triggers, transitions, or actions to your new state, see Add a Trigger & Transition to a State.