Service Level Targets

Our service level targets are set to provide a framework for service expectations. Overall, Resolver's goal is to provide the same, consistent level of support with a balance reached between the severity of the issue and the time spent waiting for a response.

Service level targets are based on the customer's level of support, which is linked to the edition subscribed to by the customer. Professional and Enterprise members have access to emergency after-hours support for urgent problems, whereas Essentials members do not.

The problem's severity combined with the support program's service level determines the speed and method of the support team's response. 

Severity Level Definitions

The following are the severity levels a user can choose during ticket creation to describe an issue or question:

Urgent: An error or service disruption is affecting time-critical applications with production work at a standstill. The system is substantially unusable, and no known workaround is currently available. Urgent severity also covers customer data-exposing security vulnerabilities.

High: The system is significantly impaired by an error or service disruption such that key business processes cannot be conducted, and no known workaround is currently available.

Normal: For general user questions, or the system or services do not function in conformance with its published specifications; however, key business processes are not interrupted and there is little or no impact on the ability to use the system or service for production purposes.

Low: For updates to non-production environment, or the Product System or service does not function in conformance with its published specifications, but there is no impact on the ability to use the system or service for product purposes. 


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The maximum severity for any issue on a non-production environment is Normal.

Response Time Targets

The following outlines the target time commitments for providing the initial response and for providing status updates on the support ticket.

The initial response time is the time taken between the creation of the support ticket and the support team beginning its work. An initial response may take the form of:

  • A notification that the ticket has been received; or
  • A request from the support team for further information.






Professional & Enterprise: Continuous commercially reasonable efforts, 24/7

1 hour

Professional & Enterprise: Every 4 hours, 24/7

Essentials: Continuous commercially reasonable efforts, within regular business hours.

Essentials: Every 4 hours, within regular business hours.


Continuous commercially reasonable efforts within the normal workday.

2 hours

Within 1 normal workday.


Commercially reasonable efforts, during normal business hours.

4 hours

Within 5 business days of acknowledgment of availability of temporary workaround or notification of the fix being available in a future release.


Commercially reasonable efforts, during normal business hours.

1 business day

Further notification of the fix will be included in future release notes or updates upon release.


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For emergency after-hours support, customers must contact our Emergency After-hours Support line. Tickets submitted via our Support email or Support Portal will be reviewed during regular business hours.