Take an Officer Off Duty

When an officer is off duty, it means he or she is no longer available to be dispatched. Taking an officer off duty when he or she is assigned a task will revert their task back to Unassigned and will create a blank Officer Response record if the task is cleared while in the Unassigned state.

Method 1 - Officers Panel

To take an officer off duty:

  1. Click an officer’s name in the Officers panel. To select multiple officers, hold down the Ctrl or Shift keys, then click the officers.
  2. Click  or right-click the officer’s name and select Off Duty.

Method 2 - Bring Officer On Duty Window

To take an officer off duty:

  1. Click  in the Officers panel to open the Bring On Duty window.
  2. Select the officer you want to take off duty from the right column of the window. If you’re taking multiple officers off duty, hold down the Ctrl key and click to select those officers.
  3. Click the  icon to move the officer to the left column and take them off duty.