Port Requirements for Command Center

Organizations that restrict Internet traffic must whitelist the below inbound and outbound ports in addition to Core's standard ports in order for Core to function properly.


*.myincidents.com:443 must be whitelisted for inbound connections to integration services.



The following ports must be whitelisted for Dispatch:

  • dev.virtualearth.net:443 for Bing Maps;
  • *.rrip.resolver.com:443 for Sandbox Dispatch; and
  • *.myincidents.com:443 for Dispatch.

Officer Mobile

For Officer Mobile users, the following ports must be whitelisted depending on the type of device used:

  • Officer Mobile (iOS): All IP addresses on the entire address block require 2195, 2196, and 5223 for Apple Push Notification Services; and
  • Officer Mobile (Android): android.googleapis.com:443 and mtalk.google.com:5228 for Google Cloud Messaging.