Fields on Forms

Any fields saved to the object type as components can be displayed on standard forms. See the Add Fields to an Object Type section for more information on adding fields as components on object types.

Clicking the icon in the top-right corner of the field will open the Edit Component Display window, where you can display the field’s short name or long name. 

If the field is a numeric field or select list with five options or fewer, you can enable the Toggle Button Group option to display the field as a group of options on the form. 

Certain Fields can also be displayed as assessment or trending tables. See the Assessment Table and Trending Tables articles for more information. 

A single select list displayed as a trending table and line graph.

The Edit Component Display article.

If required fields have been added to a state, you must ensure these fields have been added to any applicable standard forms, otherwise users will not be able to view and complete the required fields to transition the object to the next state.