Version 22.2 Release Notes (Compliance Management)

New Features

Compliance Management (CM) Report Enhancement

To assist with the detection of assessment objects without corresponding library objects, the Assessment Status Report has been updated to include New Controls table created in the past 90-days. 

Enhancements for New Feature Enablement 

Rescoping Launched Assessment

To allow the Compliance Team to Rescope an assessment, ADD TO SCOPE button to Open Assessment Rescoping form action has been added to forms for the progress/monitoring workflow states.

Push Back to Library

The Assessment tab form feature has been enabled for the following Object Types:

  • Requirement 
  • Control

Forms used by the Compliance Team for Assessments updated to allow users to create related assessment objects. (+ CREATE NEW)

Workflow Permissions and forms updated to allow the Compliance Champion and Requirement Owner to create Control assessment objects: (+ CREATE NEW)