Translate Text Fields on a Form

To translate text fields on a form, click the ellipsis symbol at the upper-right corner of a form, then click Create [base language] Translation. The fields selected by an admin in the form's settings will then automatically translate into your org's base language. For a list of supported and unsupported languages, see the Supported Language Translations article.The translation option on a form.

To view the original text before translation, click the  icon beside the field.  A translated field.

Important Notes

  • If the translation option is not visible on a form, it either hasn't been enabled for your org or an admin hasn't enabled it for that form. If a particular text field hasn't been translated, it means an admin hasn't enabled translation on that field.
  • Translation of large text fields (over 5000 bytes) may result in stripped whitespace. For example, if a large text field included “Bonjour monde! Avoir un bonne journee”, it may result in “Hello world!Have a good day.”

  • Because rich text fields have a 20,000 character limit, a large amount of text in this field may be translated over the character limit. If this happens, the text will be reduced to the maximum limit and a notification banner is displayed.

  • Once a translation is complete, it's possible to view the original text by clicking the  icon by the translated field; however, translations cannot be undone and any additions or changes to the text field are not translated.