Edit or Delete a State

After you’ve created a state, you can edit it to change its name, color, or state category, as well as select the properties, components, or roles saved to the object type that must be completed before the object can transition to the next state.

Once created, the new state will appear in the workflow, which you can then select when creating new transitions on other states. You can also select states to create Relationship or Reference variables in formulas or workflow conditions, which can provide a count of the objects currently in the specified state or check if some or all of the objects are in that state and return a true or false result.

To edit or delete a state:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar > Object Types in the Data Model section.
  2. Click the object type or enter the name of the object type in the Search field, then click it to display the Edit Object Type page.
  3. Click Configure Workflow. If there are multiple workflows saved to the object type, click one in the list.
  4. Click the state you wish to edit to open the Edit State palette.Clicking a state to open the Edit State palette.
  5. If needed, enter an alternate name for the state in the Name field.The Edit State palette.
  6. Click the Color dropdown menu to reveal the color picker and select a new color for the label. You can also type a hex color into this field to select a color.
  7. Use the State Category dropdown menu to select an alternate category.
  8. If certain components must be completed or if a user from a particular role must be granted access to the object before it can move to the next state, select those components, properties, and/or roles in the Required Components section.
    Selected fields and relationships in the Required Components section.

    If you add required fields to a state, you must ensure these fields have been added to any applicable configurable forms. Otherwise, users will not be able to view and complete the required fields to transition the object to the next state – UNLESS you click the Bypass Required Fields toggle when editing the transition.

    Read more here: Edit or Delete a Trigger, Transition, or Action.

    The Location property cannot be added as a required component on a workflow state.
  9. To delete the state, click Delete State, then click Yes to confirm.
  10. Click the icon when finished to close the Edit State window.