Formulas on Forms

Formulas are components that compile numeric data from variables to generate conclusions, such as Incident Severity, Estimated Damage, or Likelihood the Incident Will Recur. These conclusions can appear in forms as a:

  •  Bar with a number, label (e.g., Low, Medium, High), or both
  • Gauge
  • Formula card
  • Trending table or line graph.

To configure the display of the formula, add it to the canvas, then click the the icon in the top-right corner of the element to open the Edit Component Display window. From this window, select Formula bar, Formula gauge, or Formula card. For information on enabling trending data, see the Trending Tables article.

If you selected Formula card, you may also enable the Display formula upper bound option, which displays the highest maximum value assigned to all the ranges. For example, if the formula calculation was 8 and the highest possible value in the formula was 25, the card would display 8/25. If the formula is configured to show the % or $ symbols, they'll be displayed on the card along with the upper bound, if any.

The Edit Component Display window for a formula element on the canvas.

Before a formula can be added to a form, it must be added to an object type as a component. Read more in the below articles:


A formula bar.

A formula gauge.

Formulas displayed as cards.

A formula displayed as a line graph and trending table.