Include or Exclude Archived Data

This article provides a brief overview of including or excluding archived data in reports, when searching a relationship or reference field on a form, or when using the Search function. For instructions on archiving objects, see the Archive Data article.

Reports, forms, and roles created before Version 3.0 are configured to include archived data by default. All reports, relationship/reference elements, and roles created after Version 3.0 exclude archived data by default.


The ability to include or exclude archived objects is not supported on other data visualizations (i.e., data grids or analytics export reports).

To include or exclude archived objects from reports:

  1. Create a new report or open an existing one to view the Edit Report page.
  2. Click theicon at the top-right of the first section on the Edit Report page.
    The Edit Report page. In this case, the report is configured to include archived data.
  3. Click Include archived data in report to select or deselect the checkbox.The "Include archived data in report" checkbox.
  4. Click the  theicon when finished.

Relationships & References

When archived data is included on relationship or reference elements with the search option enabled, users can search for, select, and/or view archived objects through those element(s) on a standard configurable form.

To include or exclude archived objects from relationship and reference form elements:

  1. Create a new standard form or open an existing one to view the Edit Configurable Form page.
  2. If required, add a relationship or reference element to the canvas.
  3. Hover your cursor over the element, then click the icon to open the Edit Component Display screen.
    A relationship element on a form canvas.
  4. If required, click theicon beside Enable Search in the Format section.
  5. Click the or icons beside Include Archived Data in Search Results to enable or disable the end-user's ability to search for or view archived objects through the form element.
    The Format section of the Edit Component Display screen.
    The Include Archived Data in Search Results option will not be visible if the Enable Search option is not enabled.
  6. Click Close when finished.


Enabling Archived Search on a role allows users to enable the Include Archived Data option when searching the organization for objects. Note that if a user is in multiple roles and Archive Search is disabled on one role, but not the other, the user may still be able to perform a search of archived objects or vice versa.

To enable or disable archived object searches for a role:

  1. Create a new role or open an existing one to view the Edit Role page.
  2. Click the or icons beside Archived Search in the Advanced Options section to enable or disable the end-user's ability to search for archived objects.
    The Advanced Options section.
  3. Click Done when finished.