Dispatch 22.1 Release Notes

New Features


  • Users can now enable a Panic Alert feature for the dispatch team about an officer safety issue (e.g., they’re receiving verbal threats).

  • Panel layouts can be saved and loaded to easily switch between setups and preferences.

    • A panel (e.g., an officer details window) can also be locked in place to prevent accidental movement (which caused unexpected tabs or floating windows that changed all the others – slowing teams down in critical decision-making moments).

  • Users can now edit, export, and import language labels from the Dispatch settings.

  • The Closed Dispatch panel now includes the Activity Name and the activity record link.

  • There are now less sync conflict alerts. New settings include highlighted sync issues to resolve (e.g., removed a location or category from an existing template or schedule).

  • More panel buttons now display before the See More button (i.e., less wasted space and button click-throughs). For example, when changing between on-duty officers in the app, all buttons will display at once (instead of the previous ellipsis button click-through).

  • Inactive Officers can no longer be assigned as Record Owners, as the User search box now filters those accounts from incident report follow ups.

  • A “Change call sign” action was added to the right click menu.

  • Users can now automatically set an officer as “en route” when assigning a new task.

  • Officer History log now includes the custom Busy state to add an officer’s status details (e.g., they’re taking lunch, writing a report, or on-duty elsewhere).

  • The User Interface has been improved for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Attachments, Templates, Themes, Add Tasks, and Mobile sections. The layout has been improved and new padding makes it even easier and more intuitive for users.

Officer Mobile

  • Officers can trigger a Panic Alert on their own and communicate with Dispatch directly through the app.

Bug Fixes


  • The Settings panel no longer freezes when switching themes.

  • Newly assigned tasks now go to the end of an officer’s current list (instead of the top of their tasks list).

  • The start time and date will no longer reset on its own.

  • The Call Category Picker’s clear button now clears the previous search string.

  • Resolved an issue that left the default assigned call category when changing templates.

  • Panels can now be scrolled when the window’s content is larger than the screen size.

  • Searching for an officer’s location will no longer show site rollups.

  • Users can now set officers as being On Duty.

  • The Dispatch window no longer minimizes or maximizes when double-clicking any of the drop-down options on the user’s profile name.

  • Person records with no gender value now sync properly from Core to Dispatch.

Officer Mobile

  • Users can now search for indoor locations while creating a Dispatch.

  • Push notifications no longer fail when the user is logged in on multiple devices.