Date & Time Fields

The Date & Time field allows users to select the date or the date and time from a pop-out calendar. From this calendar, you can type or use the arrows to select a year, select a month from the arrows or the dropdown menu, and select a day by clicking it. To choose a time, use the arrows, or type the exact hour, minutes, and AM or PM in the fields. 

If the field is configured to collect date-time data, that data based on the current user's time zone. See the Time Zone Conversions section for more information.

A Date & Time field.

Once this field type is created and saved, you can make adjustments to the date's display format; however, you cannot add or remove the time from the format without deleting then recreating the field.

To create a date and time field:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar > Fields in the Data Model section.
  2. Click Create Field.
  3. Hover your cursor over the Date & Time field type, then click Create Field.The Date & Time field type on the Field Types page.
  4. Enter a name for the field as it will appear on an object type in Field Name.
  5. Optional: If needed, provide additional information or instructions on completing the field in the Long Name section, which can be displayed on configurable forms.The Name and Long Name fields.
  6. Select the date and time format from the Date & Time Format dropdown menu. Note that once the field is created, you will not be able to edit the format to include or remove the time.The Date & Time Format dropdown menu.
  7. Use the Preview section to confirm the field is correct. Click the field to preview how the date and time will be displayed.
    The Preview section of a new date and time field. You can select a sample date and time in this field to confirm the settings are correct.
  8. Click Create.