Confidential Portal Overview


The Confidential Portal is an application in the Admin User Interface that allows for the confidential submission of sensitive information. For example, an Incident Submitter wants to report something to their company but is concerned about backlash for disclosing sensitive information.

External and occasional stakeholders can access the Confidential Portal using the confidential reporting URL link provided by their Resolver Administrator or organizational partner. 

A Privacy Policy screen will appear before users can access the Confidential Portal. The Privacy Policy screen outlines that the only information we track is their IP address. All portal users will see this form, regardless of whether they remain confidential. 

Privacy Policy Screen

By selecting the Acknowledge button the user is acknowledging that you read and understood the Privacy Policy found at the bottom of the screen by clicking the Privacy Policy link.

Privacy Policy Link

When entering their contact details on a Portal form, Submitters can decide if they want to remain confidential, and Resolver will generate an alias for them. Submitters do not require direct system access and can still reply and continue the conversation using a unique email object ID, hiding the Submitter's identity.

Confidential Portal

User Account Requirements

The user account you use to log into Resolver must have Administrator permissions.

Related Information/Setup

To generate a Confidential URL Link for an external stakeholder. Please refer to the Generate a Confidential Login URL article.

To create a confidential login. Please refer to the Create a Confidential Login article.