Recommended Process for Creating Applications

To create an application as quickly and easily as possible, Resolver recommends that administrators follow the process outlined below:

  1. Create users, user groups, and roles.
  2. Create an application.
  3.  Create an activityEnter the activity’s name and description.
  4. Create object types: Enter the object type’s name(s), description, and configure its monogram and icon.
  5. Create object type groups: Enter the group’s name(s), then edit the group to add related object types.
  6. Configure the object types: Add fields, relationships, formulas, roles, and inferred permissions, and configure the workflow states, triggers, transitions, conditions, and actions.
  7. Add object types to rolesConfigure the workflow permissions for each state on each object type added to the role.
  8. Create forms and data visualizations for the object types.
  9. Configure the activities’ actions, roles, and views.

The steps to complete the above process are discussed in detail the remainder of this guide.