Viewing a Files Version History


Users can review a file's version history. The Version History lists all previous file versions, version number, date and time, and created by/edited by.

Related Information/Setup

For more information on editing an attachment file, please see the Editing an Attachment Using Microsoft Office Web Applications article.


  1. From the Home screen, search for a form with an attachment on the My Tasks list.
  2. Click the Form name.

Form Name

Viewing a Files Version History

  1. From the Form screen, navigate to the File field on the form.

File Field

  1. Click the More Options icon on an Attachment card.

More Options Icon

  1.  Click the Version History link on the More Options dropdown menu.

Version History Link

  1. From the Version History pop-up, the following information is displayed:
  • Version Number
  • Date and Time
  • Created By/Edited By

Version History Pop-up

  1. Click a File. A file preview will open in a new tab in your browser using Microsoft Office web applications.

File Preview