Reports Overview

A report displays object or assessment data via one or more of the following report elements:

  • Tables;
  • Pie charts;
  • Half-pie charts;
  • Heat maps;
  • Bar charts; 
  • Column charts;
  • Repeatable forms (printer-friendly, non-editable configurable forms);
  • Free form text (additional text displayed on the report with optional formatting); and
  • Page breaks (to break a page when printing or exporting a report).

Each new report requires a data definition is selected as the report focus and each element (tables, charts, heat maps, or repeatable forms) added to the report canvas requires a data series to further filter the available object data. For more information on focuses and data series, see the Data Visualization Focuses & Data Series.

Only administrators can create reports, but end-users can view and star reports, apply filters, view historical data, and export report data from a view or form action.

For information on creating a report and adding form elements, Create a New Report and Report Elements.

A report with a heat map and pie charts as it's displayed to a user in a view.