Add a Role Management Action on a Transition

The Role Management action automatically adds a user within a specified role with explicit permissions to the object once it has successfully transitioned into its next state. This action is used to allow users within the role the ability to view objects in their next states without adding them manually through the role element on a configurable form. For example, this action could be used should your organization wish to allow users in the Incident Creator role to be able to automatically view the incident objects they just created while those objects are in the In Review state.

Before you can create this action on a workflow state, a transition must be created. See Add a Trigger & Transition to a State article for instructions.

The role(s) added to the Role Management action must be properly configured for the selected object type and workflow state. See the Roles and Workflow Permissions sections for more information.

To add a Role Management action to a transition:

  1. From the Edit Workflow page, click a trigger below a state to open the Edit Trigger palette.
  2. Click the icon next to the transition.
    A transition on the Edit Trigger palette.
  3. Click Add Action in the Actions section. 
    The Transition Details, Conditions, and Actions sections of the Edit Trigger palette.
  4. Select Role Management from the Type dropdown menu.
  5. Enter a name for the action in the Name field.
  6. Select Add Current User to Role from the Select Type of Role Change dropdown menu.
  7. Select the roles that should receive the email from the Roles dropdown menu.
  8. Select one or more roles from the Roles dropdown menu or search for roles as needed.
    A new Role Management action.
  9. Click Create.