Webhooks Overview

Supported through our Application Programming Interface (API) registration system, Webhooks enable fully functional integrations that send data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs in Core. 

If your account or org leverages integrations (including Workato connections), Webhooks let you subscribe to Resolver Core events and automatically update your third-party tools.


With the correct permissions enabled, you can send a Slack or Microsoft Teams message and trigger Core to create and populate an object - like an Issue, Corrective Action, Incident, or Loss Event - based on that message’s content. 

This feature also works the other way around, where an event that occurs within the Core platform automatically triggers a response in another system. For example, when a new issue is created, Slack or Teams could automatically create a channel for discussing that item.
Due to the complex nature of Webhooks, data may take a few minutes to process after an event happens in Core. This is expected behavior.