Eligible Webhooks Events

EventConfig To ProvideUse Case Example
Add ObjectList of Object TypesA Core incident was created and generates a notification in Slack.
Update FieldList of Object Types, List of available FieldsCore incident severity increased from Medium to High and it updates the case (e.g., security, HR, IT) in Salesforce.
Delete ObjectList of Object TypesScheduled Audit was deleted in Core, which updates an integrated calendar tool to remove the Audit event.
Object State ChangeList of Workflow StatesAn incident was closed in Core and updates a case (e.g., security, HR, IT) in Salesforce.
Object Role AssignmentList of Objects, List of RolesNew triage team added to incidents triggers an update in software license tracking tool.
Object Role Un-AssignmentList of Objects, List of Roles
Due to an internal process change, a Customer Service Representative role was removed from Incident objects and updates Salesforce records.
Add RelationshipList of RelationshipsInvolved Person Object added to Incident and updates Salesforce records.
Delete RelationshipList of RelationshipsDuplicate Location Object removed from Incident, updates case form in Salesforce.
Add CommentList of Object TypesComment entered on Core Incident posts to Teams channel.
Update Comment (includes message and state updates)List of Object Types, Comment States (e.g., resolved, or unresolved)Audit comment resolved in Core resolves corresponding audit item in Jira.
New User Added to OrgNo config required, this event is on or offNew users added to Core updates user list in Splunk.
User Added to GroupList of User GroupsUser added to group in Core posts notification to Core Admin Teams channel.
User Removed from GroupList of User GroupsUser removed from group in Core posts notification to Core Admin Teams channel.
User Added/Removed from RolesList of RolesRetired user is removed from Security Manager role and Core updates the role in Salesforce.