Version 3.1 + Release Notes (Command Center)

Version 3.1.4


  • Dispatch now displays a warning message in the Dispatches panel if any active dispatches are referencing data that was deleted in Core before the dispatch was closed. No action is required.
  • Closing a dispatch with deleted related data (Call Categories, Locations, Persons, Organizations, and Vehicles) will now create activity objects in Core, with the deleted data appearing in the activity's description. This allows users to clear their dispatches without having to worry about fixing any data but allowing them to update the records at a later date.
  • Active dispatches in a work zone linked to a business unit that was deleted in Core cannot be closed until a Dispatch admin updates the work zone via Settings > Zones & Teams. Once the settings are saved, all active dispatches in that work zone will be updated and can be closed as normal.
  • Images deleted in Core will now be deleted in Dispatch when syncing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Dispatch that caused duplicate officers to appear in the Officers panel.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented some users from logging into Officer Mobile with SSO.
  • Dispatch layouts are now saved correctly when the On-Duty panel is open.
  • Additional performance and security fixes.

Version 3.1

New Features

Activity Review

  • The Activity form has been redesigned to allow users to quickly escalate incidents at the top of their queue. The redesign also makes it easier for users to navigate through tabs and to review details.

Completed Activities

  • A new Completed Activities activity has been created. This activity will allow users to review any activities that have been closed.

  • A new Completed Activities report has been added to the app. This will allow users to easily compare and contrast all activities that have been closed and make planning future activities easier. 

Command Center Portal Access (Limited User)

  • Resolver has added a new Command Center Portal Access (Limited User) user group. This user group will have limited access to the app.

Activities Update

  • The Activities activity in Portal has been updated to allow users to easily view any activities pending review.

  • The Activities activity now provides a simple activity creation form that enables users to quickly capture additional completed tasks and record the amount of time spent on each task. Users will be able to review the activities in more depth and add additional details later if required.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Various buttons and forms have been improved to be more in line with the other Core apps.

  • Colored cells for activities and activity types in all forms and report tables are now displayed as ovals.

  • Creating an involved location will now set or update the attached activity's geolocation data. 

  • If an activity in the Open — Follow Up Required state has incidents still attached when it is completed, it will move to the Escalated to Incident state. If not, it will move to the Closed — Complete state. 

  • The following values have been added to the External Data Source select list:

    • Dispatch

    • Feed