Reports Overview

Risk Management has several reports available for reviewing and analyzing your risk data. The Risk Team and administrators can view reports. However, depending on their permissions, these user groups' members may be restricted from certain reports.

This article only contains information on the reports found in the Reports application of Risk Management. Other reports that are attached to forms will be discussed in the articles related to those forms.

A report in Risk Management.

The following reports are available in the Risk Management app:

  • Corporate Risk Heatmap: A chart that displays the residual risk scores for each of the organization's risks. Can be narrowed down to individual business units or assessments.

  • Risk Committee Report: A report that highlights areas of concern within an organization. This includes a key risk's residual risk scores, as well as charts and lists displaying the organization's critical risks, issues, and KRIs. This can be narrowed down to view the same information for individual business units.

  • Issues by Business Unit: A chart showing the issues attached to each business unit broken up by priority.

  • Quarterly KRI Summary Report: Repeatable forms that summarize all KRIs within the organization created or updated within a certain quarter.

  • KRI Status Report: Charts that display each KRI in the organization sorted by workflow status and rating.

  • Loss Event Summary Reports: Charts that display each loss event in the organization sorted by severity and Workflow Status. Further charts show the current number of open loss events by business unit and event type broken down by severity. This can be drilled down to view the same information for individual business units.