User Groups Overview

Through the User Groups feature, you can group certain users together to quickly add that group to a role, rather than adding each user individually. Once a user group has been created, you can add the user group to roles. If you add new users to a group that was previously added to a role, those users will automatically be added to the role. 

Any roles a user group has been added to will appear as links in the Roles section of the Edit User Group page. You can also review which groups a user has been added to from the User Group Membership section on the Edit User page.

As with most organizations, your company is comprised of employees and managers. Both employees and managers create incidents, but only managers triage, review, and escalate objects. To keep your Core users organized, you create two user groups: Employees and Managers. When you create roles, you add the Employees and Managers user groups into the Incident Creator role and add only the Managers user group to the Incident Reviewer role.

A user group.