Assessments Section

The Assessments section can be enabled on standard form headers and will appear as a tab at the top of the form. The Assessments section gives users an easy way to:

  • See all assessments that an object has already been added to 
  • Add the object to assessments already in progress
  • Push any object changes to all the assessments to which it is attached. 

The Assessments tab on a Risk form.

Important Notes

  • The Assessments section table(s) will include these columns:
    • ID - Assessment Unique ID  
    • Assessment Name - Name of Assessment 
    • Unique ID - Object Unique ID 
    • Dimension - Dimension given to the Assessment
    • Workflow State - Current state of the Object 
    • Last Sync - Date of the last push from library to Assessment
    • Last Modified - Date of the last change to the object.
  • Clicking the assessment’s ID will open it in a right-side palette.
  • Objects shared between assessments are displayed in the Assessments section.
    • For an existing object, the Assessments section shows every Assessment containing a clone of said object. 
    • For a new object, the Assessments section will be blank.
  • If the user does not have permission to change assessments, the Assessments section will be marked as Read-only.

The Assessments section on a form, which contains tables.